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About Us

ASEY network

Who we are?

We are a group of organizations from different countries active in the field of youth focused on providing quality nonformal learning contexts for young people, especially for young people facing fewer opportunities. Our goal is to contribute to the development of key competencies among young people and to empower them in taking initiative, question assumptions, learning outside the school, and facilitate them to meet and form new friendships across Europe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality nonformal learning contexts for young people that foster open-mindedness, self-confidence, self-education, real-life skills learning, and a healthy lifestyle for the body and the mind. We are here to bring young people from different cultures and backgrounds together, foster new friendships and facilitate quality time in all the activities that we conduct.


What we do

We work extensively with the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. We are specialized in organizing Youth Exchanges (projects that brings together young people from different countries to live and learn together for a short period of time) in France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, and other countries. Per year we involve between 500 and 1000 participants in our 7-12 days youth exchanges and a few hundred in our one-day sports events.


Another key aspect of our work is the continuous training of our staff and youth workers active in the consortium organizations. Every year we organize between 4 and 6 learning mobilities (trainings, conferences, contact-making seminars, study visits, job-shadowing events, etc.) for our staff and volunteers in youth.


To have a better idea of what we do you can check the short documentary we prepared with our partners about our activities:


A few promotional videos form short term international learning activities for youngsters:

A few promotional videos from our sports and team-building activities:

Why should you join us?

Maybe the answers of our team will help you to find your answer:

Andreea – From the idea to implementation, you can get involved in all project phases. The initiative is encouraged and very much appreciated. Interacting and working with people from different cultures, having the flexibility to organize your schedule, and avoiding the stiffness of a formal working system are only a few advantages to working in this field. If you don’t fear to change and can adapt on the go, we are a match.

Dan – Working with us is definitely not for everyone but for those of us that it is, for sure the best environment ever. This is the best place you can be if you are not afraid to assume the full merits and responsibility for your actions.

Our ongoing projects

Youth exchanges

Small-scale projects allow young people to travel, meet, explore, and learn from each other. Youth exchange projects give the opportunity for young people to practice planning and implementation of events, and gain real-life skills in a stress-free environment. In addition to that, every youth exchange project has a specific topic – videography, marketing, social business, the inclusion of youth having fewer opportunities, sports and outdoors, and critical thinking which young people are exploring.

Every youth exchange project consists of a preparation phase, main activity (usually 10 days), and a follow-up phase. The preparation phase is mainly about finding accommodations, selecting participants, planning traveling, organizing preparatory meetings for participants, etc. The main activity is when young people from several countries come and live together for 10 days and learn about a specific topic. Most of the activity is run by the youth themselves. Follow-up is dedicated to sharing project results, dealing with paperwork, preparing the final report, and closing the project. Currently, we have 19 youth exchange projects that need to be implemented.

Collaboration projects – youth sector

Art of Social Innovators – a capacity-building project on the topic of Circular Economy and Social Innovation aimed to reunite youth workers and young people from Thailand, South Korea, Nepal, Italy, and Romania.

Looking Through the Loupe at the Youth: Project about raising competencies of youth workers and volunteers (on short of our team), on the topics of Digital youth work and Inclusion of marginalized young people. The project has 3 learning mobilities through which we achieve project objectives and 2 transnational meetings for managerial and administrative aspects of the project: target group – youth workers and young people.

Digital and multimedia competencies for working with youth – a project with the objectives to 1, Implement a structured plan of teaching our youth workers digital and multimedia competencies. 2, Set up a long-term system for our youth organizations and our other partner organizations to exchange good practices in work with modern digital tools and multimedia among each other. 3, Set up a long-term system for our youth organizations to be capable of providing teaching of selected digital competencies and multimedia to young people from high schools that we collaborate with.

Collaboration projects – sport sector

The Outdoor Toolkit – a project aimed to educate young hikers regarding how to pack properly their backpacks for an enjoyable and safe hiking experience.  Objectives: Develop a mobile application to provide a checklist with the equipment needed to pack for different types of hikes in swamps, flatlands, hills, and mountain areas; Promote an active lifestyle through hiking by raising awareness among young people across the four countries taking part in the project about a mobile application that assists them in packing their hiking backpacks.

NOTice to AirMen – Project developing software for making paragliding safer. Our project aims to provide access for paragliding pilots to up-to-date air traffic control information and to capacitate paragliding pilots across Europe to properly use air traffic control information.

Our project objectives are:

O1. Develop a mobile application to provide accurate, easy-to-use, and up-to-date information about air traffic control regulations, especially controlled airspaces, and NOTAMs(temporary controlled areas defined by notices).

O2. Raise awareness among paraglider pilots across Europe about the existence of a NOTAM mobile application and educate them about how to access and comply with air traffic control regulations.


Reuniting Traditional Battball Sports – Sport project promoting traditional battball sports.