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Detailed Responsibilities of Event Coordinator

Organizing short term 7-12 days educational events (camps)

  • Logistics – booking accommodation and catering services, usually from as set of service providers we have used before,
  • Logistics – organizing transport for participants (buying plane tickets, ordering bus).
  • Participants – gathering young people by contacting schools and engaging local youth, participants of former activities, volunteers base.
  • Communication – providing necessary information about the event for participants and service providers. For instance, information for participants is location and dates of the event, travel details, what to bring and how to prepare; for service providers like accommodation – number of people, needed equipment, catering arrangements, etc.
  • Coordination of team members participating in the event – there needs to be camera man, facilitator and few volunteers in each event. Contacting each person, checking their availability, providing information about logistics and tasks assigned to them during the event.
  • Event – coordinating the camp, communicating with participants and service providers, taking care of paper worker needed to be filled during the event, preparing the evaluation of it. In general, making sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Follow up activities – assigning responsible participants for dissemination activities (sharing the results of the camp), making sure activities are done, gathering proof of the dissemination activities.
  • Preparing final report of the event and other relevant paperwork.


Procurement and negotiations

When organizing events, we are collaborating with accommodation, travel (mainly bus) and other service providers. We have positive experience with some of them, but are always looking for better options and ways to improve. Therefore, the coordinator position will also involve:

  • Searching for new accommodation options, travel companies and other service providers (office supplies, promo materials).
  • Gathering and filtering best offers, negotiating and meeting the price requirements.
  • Ordering goods and services, taking care of invoices and payments.


Preparing reports and evaluations

  • Regularly updating status of tasks, activities and events using dedicated tools (Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365).
  • Filling in tracking documents.
  • Reporting to project manager about overall workflow and progress.
  • Preparing reports related to specific event according to given template.
  • Creating evaluation forms for events and activities organized, making sure they are filled by participants.


Improving the quality of the events and the operations

  • Offering new ideas how events and operations can be done more efficiently, solutions for avoiding mistakes and effective usage of resources.


Promotion of the events online

  • Communicating with media team to prepare marketing materials, like posts, teasers, Info-packs for events, etc.
  • Regularly posting content to social media and our websites about upcoming international events and local activities, sharing results of the events (photos, videos, etc.) and other useful and relevant content.
  • Maintaining and continuously engaging young people on Facebook groups which we already have.


Promotion of the events offline

  • Organizing local activities to engage new people, like hikes, board games night, workshops, etc.
  • Visiting new and existing partners and making presentations about our work and upcoming events.


Engaging youngsters in local activities and online communities

  • Organizing half-day trainings and meetups, hikes, board game nights, grilling parties, movie nights, etc.
  • Organizing online discussions, workshops, podcasts, creating/engaging FB groups for communication, doing surveys, chatting or else engaging youth online.
  • Supporting and guiding youth in organizing these activities themselves.


Mentoring volunteers and interns

  • Regularly engaging and communicating with more involved youth.
  • Organizing internal trainings and workshops.
  • Organizing work of volunteers and interns – assigning tasks and deadlines, following-up, giving feedback and evaluation of performance.


Continuous learning a training yourself and the team

  • Reading books, watching tutorials, attending trainings
  • Finding professionals in various areas and arranging training for the team
  • Getting certifications in various areas e.g. IPMA


Strengthening and building new relationships with partners and stakeholders

  • Maintaining and strengthening relationships with current partners by regularly communicating with them, sending information and invitation for upcoming events, organizing regular visits.
  • Looking for new possible partners (schools, sport clubs) by promoting our events, contacting them and arranging visits to present what we do and possible cooperation opportunities.


Administrative tasks related to organizing events and day-to-day operations

to apply contact us on:

email: Dan Vilcan <dan.vilcan@asey.org>

telefon: 0748076142

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